There was little doubt in the public, that the trend would continue when they got a first-hand experience to listen this fiery reggae artiste name TEFLON, born Shaniel Andre Watson on February 15, 1985. Though he grew up in a Christian home, faith led him onto the Rastafarian path, and reggae music subsequently gave birth to one of the most-promising young act.
TEFLON’s debut album “Motherless Child” was released to e-stores February 2009 on Tad’s International label. The album peaked on #24 on i-tunes top 100 reggae albums which was a milestone in the artiste’s young career. TEFLON enjoyed steady rotation throughout 2009 with radio hits such as Jailhouse Rock and All The Days of my Life (Jah Has Been There) produced by Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor. By then TEFLON’s fan base had grown and he was in demand overseas more so in Europe. TEFLON was invited on Sizzla’s Ghetto Youthogoly Tour of Europe. TEFLON opened for Sizzla for more than eight weeks to sold-out venues across Europe. They toured places like Holland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovania and Germany..

Not only is Teflon in top form with his vocals, but he also contributes to some of the production through his label, Yard A Love Records, which also handled the executive production duties for Young King. This project contains music from several other labels as well, plus distribution assistance from the Marley family’s own Tuff Gong International.
Young King is a newer, cleaner recording voiced over a playful, brand new riddim assembled by none other than Teflon himself for Yard A Love Records.

With such a wealth of quality works from Teflon included on this album, every listener, whether a casual or obsessed reggae fan. Tracks like Same Struggle feat. Capleton*Not TodayMy Story* just to name a few.

Teflon is presently promoting his new Album ‘ The Young King ‘ distributed by Tuff Gong Worldwide and a few singles which are chart bubblers – No RegretsGoiterGive ThanksPeople Please Them Self
Teflon is now available for Festivals, Clubs and radio interviews.