Swale started in 2002 as part of the house band for a burlesque revue in Burlington, Vermont. For the most part, Amanda plays the keys, Jeremy plays the drums, Eric plays the guitars, Tyler plays the bass, and all four of them sing the songs. “There’s a right and a wrong way to be an aging rock kid. The wrong way is to think that your teenage angst somehow parallels your mid-life crisis and to scream shitty punk songs like you’re driving a hot pink Maserati. The right way is to channel your lifetime of experiences into well-crafted songs that transcend any genre boundaries and relay the wonders of human experience to your fellow man. Vermont’s Swale overwhelming favor the latter route. There’s a degree of tangible warmth on The Next Instead that can most likely only be born from the interplay of married musicians that have no apparent disdain for one another. The husband/wife combo isn’t always a recipe for success, but Eric Olsen and Amanda Gustafson make it work in a way that makes you wonder how other bands survive without that level of intimacy.” … Album Review – Swale – The Next Instead


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