Hailing from the DC/B-More area, living in Vermont. Walter Peterson aka DJ Rekkon is one of the true pioneers of digital/analog DJing. Starting in the gutters of the DC/Baltimore “rave scene”, going to Fever, Buzz, Rise and Lonnies Warehouse parties. It all started when he heard his first Drum and Bass track on a massive system. From that point on….he was hooked. He started Digilog Studios in 1997 combining digital and analog forms of music to make a truly unique sound. Producing music and playing it live started in 1997 before mp3s were even really around. Cd decks had no place in the DJ culture at the time as
future thinkers are always misunderstood.
Later, he moved over to event DJing working hard to destroy the stigma of event/wedding DJ’s. A true head who knows how to “rock a party”