‏Dancehall Reggae artist Cham has played many of the world’s most prestigious stages including: Reggae Sumfest (2006), Hot 97’s On The Reggae Tip (2006), Reggaejam (2012), Montreal International Reggae Festival (2013), Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise (2015), Rototom Sunsplash (2015), Boomtown Fair (2015), and the iconic Northern California festival, Reggae on the River (2015).

‏Cham performs with his band, Mad People Gang, a set of musicians with whom he has been creating music since the beginning in their Sherlock Crescent community in Spanish Town, Jamaica. The band is comprised of two keyboard players, a drummer and a bassist. Setlists include tunes like “Babylon Bwoy”, “Ghetto Story”, “Wine” and “Tun Up”.

‏The 2017 single, “Money Wine”, is accompanied by a music video as part of the release of Cham’s highly-anticipated full-length album, “LAWLESS”, in May 2017. His last album, Ghetto Story was released through Atlantic Records in August 2006; the title track, “Ghetto Story”, included a remix featuring Alicia Keys which became a pop-crossover worldwide hit. Back in 1996, he collaborated with Wayne Wonder on the lead single of the “Joyride” Riddim produced by Madhouse which continues to be a classic dancehall cut for selectors.

‏”LAWLESS”, will include 10 tracks with videos released with producer and hit maker Dave Kelly and Madhouse Records. Cham is often seen with the “Lawless” message emblazoned on his apparel as part of his branding; the artist defines the term in this way: “when we say lawless we don’t mean take people’s purses, we mean…a citizen of this world, no borders–we are all just one people.” As for the production process and his continued work with Dave Kelly, Cham notes, “music needs that chemistry, not just going into the studio, but where if you have chemistry with an individual you can make a hit.”

As a Jamaican Dancehall Reggae artist, Cham explains the genre’s increasing worldwide popularity, “the sky’s the limit for Dancehall and Reggae music, it’s a lifestyle that will never die. That lifestyle is what people live everyday, that is what they breathe, Reggae. It’s a cultural movement. An artist is like a mirror to society–we use music and reflect it back…with lyrics and melodies, no boundaries; we go into the studio and whatever musical vibe comes, we move with it.”

Any stage show featuring Cham, with his seasoned set of players, translates to authentic dancehall culture in the great tradition of live music that Jamaica’s musicians and artists have presented globally for five decades. Cham has come up through the ranks as a high energy stage performer and musical recording artist who is one of today’s top acts in Dancehall Reggae.