The Damn Truth Teams up with Halogen Music Group for United States Tour

The Damn Truth has joined our United States Artist Roster and will be touring the United States in June 2017. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them, you should! Keep checking in for confirmed tour dates and routing.

There’s a new rock n’ roll smell powerfully breezing through the Montreal airwaves and it’s not just the typical stale booze, body odour, and butt stinkin’ kind. The Damn Truth’s funk is so strong that even Yves Saint Laurent wants to work with these badasses. Although he isn’t salvaging the sweat from drummer Dave Traina’s undies to mix the perfect blend of lavender and hot, sick ass, according to Mr. Montreal Gazette, Yves finds Damn Truth frontwoman Lee-la Baum’s raw and raspy voice so sexy that he wants it singing U2’s “Love Is Blindness” on one of his advertisements. How’s that for recognition? Well, they deserve it.

Having recently released their new album entitled Devilish Folk (which you can purchase at an HMV near you), TDT has been busy marketing their tasty, new tracks and, with CHOM FM’s expertise in abusively playing rock n’ roll’s hottest tunes, you can surely groove to their newest hit “Heart Is Cold” at least ten times a day on 97.7.

Being a kickass Montreal rock band, these devilishly handsome folk don’t play. Well, they play music, but, they don’t mess around. For example, opening up for rock icons The Cult at the Metropolisrecently, The Damn Truth was cut from their merchandise table. Legend has it they outsold The Cult in merch sales. True or not, regardless, being an old-school rock band, they took it to the streets and sold their goods on the sidewalk; rebellious resistance at its finest.

From their up and coming North American tour, to playing to thousands of fans at Montreal’s biggest music festival, Osheaga 2016, The Damn Truth is going strong and not backing down. Their dedication to producing high-end tunes is real; it’s clearly displayed throughout any of The Damn Truth’s works that are rapidly taking over the Montreal music scene. TDT is a revival of the 70s with a modernized sound here to make any show they play a revisit to Woodstock for some. For the younger generations, they will finally have the chance to experience genuine rock n’ roll music, and that’s the damned truth



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